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    I specialize in on-location executive and editorial portraiture as well as marketing images for senior retirement living.

    I've been a photographer since 1968. While studying story and advertising Illustration at The Art Institute of Boston, I discovered the camera. Using a camera freed me from pen and brush drawings on a board in the studio, and started the authentic experience with the subject, which is the process of making photographs.

    Over the years I've had the opportunity to photograph many different assignments. Somewhere along the way I remember being advised to shoot "what interests you most", and what has always interested me most, since childhood, is people - their environments and what makes them unique.

    So, my work reflects this interest - whether I'm working with professional talent, celebrities, or regular folks in my pictures, I am always striving to create a personal connection which satisfies my need and creates an atmosphere that results in a successful photo shoot.



University of Richmond personality

An image made while wandering around the University of Richmond photographing student life.  We were working this day with the U.R. Marketing department producing University “Life Style” pictures for their University website usage.

We sometimes do this kind of work with some hand picked student groups, which I have to say moves things along nicely – and having control of situations really cranks up the number of useable shots.  Anyone who has had to rove around “finding” shots in an uncontrolled environment, will know what I mean.

Having a personality that can walk up to an individual or group and talk them into letting you make a shot helps.  I, being an older gentleman – walking up to young women can be awkward these days, so quite often I’ll have my assistant, who is a young woman, make the first contact to “break-the-ice.  I much prefer having control – however even working that way you should keep your eyes open for that “killer” shot that just appears before you!

The challenges and satisfaction of location Portrait Illustration

Not all assignments will have a budget or time for a pre-shoot location search. So, it becomes very beneficial to have reliable production assistance and an Art Director or client who allows you the time to ponder the location possibilities when you arrive at the location.

I was fortunate on this shoot to have Caroline Martin as my production assistant and Margaret Buchanan, as the Art Director. Margaret is a designer with many years of production experience. She had planned enough time into the shoot schedule for us to have a relaxed look around the spaces available to produce a picture that worked with the copy.

Caroline, working in Lightroom, was able to dimension the picture into the correct format and make sure we allowed space for the type Margaret wanted to float in the picture. Having Caroline taking care of those production areas allowed me to concentrate on the image elements and most importantly – develop a relationship with our subject, which is at the core of good portraiture.

The challenges and satisfaction of location Portrait Illustration

Veterans Portrait Series Broadcast on PBS

We’ve been on television!  Click on the photos below to see the PBS broadcast of our work with World War II Veterans.

Executive Portrait Project for Buchanan Design


It was challenging to fly to a new city each morning, find a location, light it, and work with the individuals in the time allotted. We collaborated with Margaret Buchanan of Buchanan Design to produce these beautiful, cohesive portraits for a National law firms marketing publication.  We had fun and met some interesting folks doing it!


The College of William & Mary – Development Publications

So the most fun we have is walking into a space, needing to make a cover shot, and having no idea where to make the picture. It’s a process of walking around, looking around, and letting the space talk to you. Then, bit by bit, we start putting the picture together.  It goes from chaos to beautiful in a matter of moments.